Vice President's Message - Thumbay University Hospital

Vice President’s Message

Thumbay University Hospital is the first and only hospital of its kind in the region, equipped with the latest technology and expert healthcare professionals. In addition to superior care across all specialties, the hospital has several unique features unique facilities such as a special robotic pharmacy, PET-CT scan and a pneumatic tube system connecting the diagnostic lab with the CAP-accredited central lab.

The Thumbay network of hospitals and clinics take pride in their unique identity as academic health centers, as a result of which most of the doctors are teachers and researchers in addition to their primary roles as medical practitioners.

As a quaternary care facility, Thumbay University Hospital is a well-equipped referral hospital to which primary and secondary care hospitals and clinics refer to complex cases. The hospital is staffed by a multicultural team of professionals serving patients in various languages. We are confident that the hospital would complement the world-class amenities at Thumbay Medicity and set new standards of quality and innovation in healthcare.

Akbar Moideen Thumbay

Vice President – Healthcare Division
Thumbay Group